When The Gym Fails Home Fitness Workouts Prevail

As popular as gym memberships may be, the sad truth is that most folks don’t take advantage  of them past the first three months. Sound familiar? I’ve renewed memberships for years and  can count the number of times I visited the gym on both hands and toes during the course of a  year. But hey, the gym didn’t complain.

Don’t get me wrong, gyms serve their purpose. The one membership I did get some value from  was one that offered kick boxing. Now, that was fun. But over time, it became harder to get  dressed, drive to the gym, wait for class, workout, return home and then get on with the rest  of my day.

Eventually, I started working out at home with the then popular fitness videos. Remember Abs  of Steel with Tamilee? Those were the days…

Ok, fast forward. I also tend to be a night owl and catch my share of infomercials. I kept  seeing the ones for P90x and was indeed skeptical. But there was something about the program  that kept my interest and eventually I gave in and got the program.

Aside from the workout program itself, nothing was more attractive than working out at home.  I mean literally crawling out of bed, throwing on some workout gear and walking 15 paces to  my workout area. I then “Push Play” and watched Tony Horton come to life to take me through  some fat burning, cardio and strength training.

Horton’s 90 day workout program presents 12 workouts, each one formulated to focus on a  specific set of muscle groups or a specific training technique. Here’s a rundown of the 12  workouts:

1. Chest and Back – This technique uses push and pull movements to strengthen and develop  several muscle groups. You’ll also burn tons of calories in this dynamic workout routine.

2. Plyometrics – Jump for fitness! This workout technique gets you airborne and is used by top  athletes to improve performance.

3. Shoulders and Arms – No more flabby arms on you after this workout takes hold. Whether you  want to slim down and tone up or build muscle mass, you’ll get the physique you want with  these powerful exercises.

4. Yoga X – This part of the 90 day workout dvd is not my favorite and I tend to avoid it.  But, it’s a plethora of everything good for you, including balance, flexibility and a calm  mind.

5. Legs and Back – Get ready for a total body workout like you’ve never done before. You’ll  lunge, squat and pull to develop leg muscles and strengthen your back.

6. Kenpo X – Kenpo X (my favorite) gives you a cardiovascular workout that’s high in  intensity for endurance and also has the added benefit of giving you some pointers to defend  yourself.

7. X Stretch – Any workout routine suggests that stretching is a good thing before an intense  session – and it helps prevent injuries. X Stretch teaches you how to stretch your entire  body in a way that prepares you to meet all the challenges in the 90 day workout dvd.

8. Core Synergistics – This amazing conditioning exercise group enlists multiple muscle  groups to strengthen the core of your body, including the trunk muscles and lumbar spine.

9. Chest, Shoulders and Triceps – You’ll be pushed to the edge with these moves – but, the  results will be an amazing torso that you’ll be proud of.

10. Back and Biceps – Curls and pull-ups are part of this routine that uses weights or  resistance training to tone and tighten or build muscles in the back and biceps.

11. Cardio X – This portion of the 90 day workout dvd is a low impact routine designed to  build cardiac strength and burn fat.

12. Ab Ripper X – This may be the exercise routine you’ve been waiting for to strengthen and  tone your abs. It’s better than any “ab” machine you’ll find in any gym.

The P90x workout program is a terrific 90 day workout regimen. It’s a convenient full body  workout that will help you reach your fitness goals as long as you make a full commitment to  the program. It became my answer to home fitness when the gym no longer fit with my plans.

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