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Gym rats, athletes and cardio fiends alike can finally get their exercise jones on with Shaun T’s Insanity. This is a 60-day cardio-based total body conditioning program that pushes you beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Appropriately named, this workout is indeed insane! From the explosive cardio and plyometric drills to the intervals of strength, power and resistance, Insanity requires you to DIG DEEP for prolonged periods of high intensity exercise before you get a short period of rest. It’s a program that will turn you into a strong, lean fitness machine.

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Program Details

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Insanity is a 60-day high intensity interval training workout. This means you perform long bursts of exercises, giving it all you’ve got, followed by short periods of rest or recovery.

During the first 28 days, you’ll start off with a fit test. You’ll then cycle through five workouts, six days a week, that are on average about 40 minutes in length. You’ll experience plenty of muscle soreness during the first week, but it will pass. What’s important is to stay focused on completing the workouts even when your body screams for mercy.

After the initial 28 days, you get a recovery week workout. And, trust me, you’ll be happy to have it.

The second half of Insanity turns up the intensity, just at the point when you think you’ve got the hang of Shaun T’s workouts. Cycling through four workouts, six days a week, you’ll exercise on average about 60 minutes a day. By day 63, your Insanity Fitness Program is complete.

In addition to the exercise routines, you’ll need to follow the included diet plan to maximize your results. Although I wasn’t overly impressed by the recommended meals, I found a few worth trying. The goal is to eat 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day. Shakeology is highly recommended as one of those meals.

What’s Included

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The Insanity Fitness Program includes:

  • 10 Insane Workouts On DVD filled with max intensity exercise to scorch the fat and create a lean, sculpted body.
  • An Elite Nutrition Plan designed to fuel your body after each workout.
  • A Fitness Guide to provide just the information you need to successfully complete the program.
  • The Insanity Workout Calendar organized to help you track your progress, set workout goals and keep you motivated.
  • Free Online Support Tools to keep you motivated with access to the fitness pros and your peers.


Equipment Needed

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Insanity requires no equipment. You simply use your body weight for resistance. It is a good idea, however, to keep plenty of water and a towel nearby during workouts.

Because there is no need for equipment with this fitness program, it is easily transportable for those who travel. With Insanity, there is no excuse for missing a scheduled workout.

No Hassle Guarantee

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Insanity is not for beginners, people who are not willing to work hard, or people who have trouble with high impact exercise. It is ideal for those who are moderately active, current or former athletes and graduates of other Beachbody programs.

With that said, you have a full 30 days to try Insanity. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, you can contact customer service to return the program. You will receive a Full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling — no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

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“…I’m not a fan of gyms and this is something i can take on the road while traveling and it fits into my ridiculously busy life…(read more here)”

“I love this work out, it definitely works to make you stronger and be fit…(read more here)”

“This workout set is completely INSANE! You will have your muscles begging for mercy, and just when you think you’ve had enough, Shaun T gives you more. I love it…(read more here)”

Average Customer Rating: 4.8/5.0

Pros & Cons

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  • No equipment required.
  • Challenging  and motivating.
  • Great for cardiovascular fitness and achieving a lean body.
  • For the ladies (and maybe some men too) Shaun T makes for good eye candy.
  • There are appropriately spaced verbal queues to take breaks as needed (and you’ll want them).
  • You’ll quickly notice increased fat burning and energy following workouts.
  • The program depicts people at different fitness levels working through the exercise routines, which can help you stay focused and motivated.


  • Not for beginners.
  • May be hard on the knees and joints for some users.
  • The program does not build muscle.
  • Although designed to be intense, you have to be careful not to overdo it to avoid injury.
  • A couple of workouts in Phase 2 run a bit long.

Insanity Price

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Although Insanity is available at a few retail outlets online, the best place to purchase is directly from Beachbody. This way you’ll be able to take advantage of the guarantee as well as the tools, tips and support provided by the Beachbody community.

The base Insanity kit is priced at one $119.85.*

*You can get 10% off Insanity and other Beachbody products with a Beachbody Club Membership or 25% off as a Beachbody Coach.

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Workout Overview:


Fitness Trainer Shaun T
Workout Style Max Interval Training
Length of Program 60 days
Workout Schedule 6 days/week
Average Workout Length 40 – 60 minutes
Equipment Needed None
Guarantee 30 days
Price $119.85


The Bottom Line

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Insanity is a maximum intensity workout program that will push you to your physical limits and test your mental toughness. The workouts are very challenging and require a great amount of dedication and willpower to complete.

If you are in decent shape, looking to get lean and up your cardio fitness, enjoy working out in a pool of your own sweat, and have the ability to push beyond your current physical limits, then Insanity may be the workout program for you. Shaun T will guide you through insane workouts that will leave you with a natural high. When you’re done, you’ll simply feel INCREDIBLE!

Just remember that if you’re unfit, out of shape or are just beginning an exercise program, you’re better off starting out with a less intense workout plan like Power 90 or Turbo Jam. You can then build up the ability to begin and finish Insanity.